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BePrepared2Treat with Ralph Mitchell

As a seasoned physician assistant with specialized training and over 25 years of experience in trauma and emergency surgery, including disaster response.  I’ve witnessed the devastating impact of gun violence firsthand and treated its growing number of victims.


I founded BePrepared2Treat – to equip individuals and communities with life-saving knowledge and skills for emergency situations. Now is the time to come together and save lives on the frontlines of this new domestic battlefield. I invite you to join me and BePrepared2Treat.


  • Bachelors of Arts (University of Minnesota, 1986)

  • Bachelors in Health Sciences (Charles Drew University of Medicine and Science, 1997)

  • Martin Luther King General Hospital, Surgical Residency

  • Primary Care/Urgent Care/Emergency Medicine

  • Surgical Physician Assistant, Cardio-thoracic Surgery

  • Tacoma Trauma Trust, LLC (Tacoma General and St. Joseph Medical Center

  • Stop the Bleed, Instructor and Ambassador

  • Additionally, I work for the federal government Health in Human Service Department, Disaster Medical Assistant Team

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Emergency Preparedness:
The Heartbeat of Survival

In our ever-changing world, the alarming presence of gun violence is a harsh reality that demands our immediate attention.  It is crucial that we confront this issue directly and equip ourselves with the knowledge of how to ‘Stop the Bleed’, an initiative endorsed by the Department of Homeland Security, which can significantly impact the outcome between life and death.



6824 19th St W
University Place, WA


Saturdays by appointment only. 7am - 4pm

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